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Goodie’s I Ching – #45 Gathering Together (Hexagram)

Credit | Goodie’s I Ching – #45 Gathering Together (Hexagram) – YouTube About The Image: Goodie’s “Unauthentic” Reading IChing – #45 Gathering Together (Hexagram) The card illustration is drawn by illustrator AmoLime. The following is the overall description of the image. The background of this image is simple; the earth is on the bottom half, and […]

4.Youthful Folly

Credit | FREE WILL MAGIK The Lines Bottom. [6] A person who lacks discipline will not be able to devote himself to the intensive study necessary to master a subject. Discipline does not mean the forced performance of dull routine, however. That only deadens the mind and replaces true inquiry. Discipline means focusing one’s attention on the object of […]

Good morning – Receptive is the Word for Today!

The Receptive |  Hexagram 2 By: James Byrd I.The Oracle  A. Hexagram 2 is Kun or Field. Additional variations include The Receptive, Acquiesce or the Natural Flow. Hexagram 2’s lower trigram is field or earth, and its upper trigram is identical.     B. The Judgment    1. The Receptive brings about sublime success,      […]

Good Morning H-13

Source: Hexagram 13 By: James Byrd I.The Oracle  A. Hexagram 13 is Tong Ren or Concording People. Additional interpretations include Fellowship with Men and Gathering Men. the lower trigram is Li: radiance or fire. The upper trigram is Qian: force or heaven.         B. The Judgment    1. Fellowship with Men in the […]

Good Morning H-5

Hexagram 5 By: James Byrd I.The Oracle  A. Hexagram 5 is named Xu, or Attending. Further variations are Arriving, Waiting or Moistened. The lower trigram is Qian: force or heaven, and the upper trigram is Kan: gorge or water.         B. The Judgment    1. Waiting. If you are sincere,       You have light […]

Good Morning H-52

Hexagram 52 By: James Byrd I.The Oracle  A. Hexagram 52 is Gen, or Bound. Further interpretations are Keeping Still, Mountain and Stilling. Its lower and upper trigrams are the same, gen: bound or  mountain.        B. The Judgment    1. Keeping Still. Keeping his back still       So that he no longer feels his body.   […]

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