Feng Shui

Tai Chi for Older Adults

 Tai Chi for Older Adults Source: Thanks for watching.       This commercially designed DVD covers such things as; how to cultivate vital energy (QI) and relaxation. These exercises can be very invigorating for older adults. The editorial review covers all aspects of the DVD. Tai Chi for Older Adults Editorial Review “Specially designed […]

The Power Of Rocks

Amethyst: Magaliesburg, South Africa “In common with children of all ages, rock crystals will readily respond to loving attention and, in return, will provide those who care for them with an endless supply of electromagnetic energy. this vitalizing force will stimulate the energy levels of all individuals who happen to be in the vicinity of the crystal, leading in […]

3 Types Of People Who Can’t Meditate

3 Types of People Who Can’t Meditate (and How They Can Learn)By William T Batten   When you spend time on personal development forums, talking with curious people or hanging out with open-minded folk, the topic eventually turns to meditation. And this conversation splits itself into two main camps: those who swear by it; and those […]

My new book on the market now folks…

Well here it is folks my new book or should I say the old book that I have been working on for years. This book was created to present in total the idea behind my calendar of days of which is the most important part of this book. The importance of this book is knowing, […]

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