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SFI Affiliate Program Review by a Seven Year Affiliate

SFI Affiliate Program Review by a Seven Year Affiliate By Donovan Baldwin If you have spent any time on the Internet, and particularly if you have been trying to figure out how to make money online, you have run across the SFI affiliate program. Perhaps you have taken the opportunity to investigate it further, perhaps […]

Setting Social Media Goals in 2020

How to Set Social Media Goals in 2020 By Susan Friesen  Create the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Plan There’s a vast sea of social media information out there. Experts are everywhere and there are just so many opinions on best practices and tactics. Not only that, but the platforms themselves are constantly changing, whether […]

What is customer service ? The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service

Source: Youtube Six Steps for Improving Customer Service and Support 1. Know and understand what must be done well. 2. Build value in delivering service. 3. Balance resources. 4. Create a structure for quality. 5. Work on resource productivity. 6. Manage change Source: “Outstanding Customer Service”  By Armistead & Clark

Free eBook

By: James Byrd, MBA (Business Consultant) Hi folks its that time again we are now promoting free eBook again, my newest edition,  “The Future: 2020” is qued as give-a-way on 10/25/19.  My book/calendar will help you understand upcoming days and generate less stressful moments regarding a particular day in the past, present or what the future will be […]

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