41. Decrease


The Lines

Bottom. [9] It is a real act of kindness when a man who has completed his own necessary tasks goes to the aid of someone else who is in need of help without making a fuss over it. But people receiving such aid should be careful not to let the helper overdo it. It ceases to be an act of giving if the person helping injures himself thereby. This requires careful consideration to strike the right balance.

2. [9] To give to another beyond your capacity is no virtue. To destroy yourself to benefit someone else is to do injury to a highly deserving person–yourself! Such over-giving demeans the giver and does more harm than good, even to the recipient. He who serves should be careful to maintain his own self-respect. Serving others is an onerous duty if it means doing injury to oneself, and he who requires that kind of service is an oppressive tyrant.

3. [6] Three people do not make a companionable group, since there is a tendency for one to feel the other two are excluding him, or even plotting against him. A beneficial relationship occurs between two people who can then have a friendly exchange. To bring in a third person will almost always introduce a certain awkwardness as two of the three will tend to enter into a dialog and exclude the third. A person who is alone and seeking companionship tends to make contact with one other person, and avoids interrupting the conversation between two.

4. [6] Potential friends and companions are often turned away by a man’s aloofness and unfriendly attitude. If he makes a conscious effort to overcome such faults, it will make it easier for others to associate with him, and he and they will be able to find joy in one another’s company. Pleasant manners attract pleasant people.

5. [6] There are times when the forces of nature move unmistakably in a favorable direction. Such times are beyond the control of man. When Fate decrees good fortune for a man, he need not fear that it will fail to come to pass, for no opposition to the hand of Fate can ever be sustained.

Top. [9] A man cannot be faulted if he enjoys prosperity without exploiting or injuring others. Everything he does benefits not only himself, but everyone who is associated with him. Such a man will find good fortune in undertaking great projects that involve many people. He attracts other men to him who are glad to be able to work with him, because everything he does is a blessing to all.

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41. Decrease

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