14. Great Possession

The Lines

1. [9] At the beginning of an enterprise, the great leader has not been tested and he is naturally free of mistakes. Yet he should realize that there are many difficulties yet to come, and that he must not assume he can expect great results just because things start off smoothly. He should pay close attention to problems as they arise and not succumb to overconfidence.

2. [9] The leader must know how to make use of the human resources at his disposal. By gathering to himself highly competent and willing helpers, he is able to accomplish far more than he possibly could working alone.

3. [9] A great leader who is modest devotes his talents to great works that will benefit all. He realizes that for his work on this earth to endure, he must give it away in this manner. The lesser man cannot do this, because his efforts are all directed to his own enrichment. As a result, the lesser man’s works expire when he does.

4. [9] The great leader must associate with the wealthy and powerful. It is important that he avoid being caught up in their world of intrigues and accumulation. If he keeps his eyes on the work he wishes to accomplish, he will not be distracted and make mistakes.

5. [6] The dedication of the great leader attracts many followers. His honesty and commitment win them over. But the accolades of the crowd can induce him to lower himself to coarse and ignoble behavior, and thus undermine the great influence he has built up. Thus, a great leader maintains dignity in order to pursue his worthy goals.

6. [9] At the height of his achievement, the great leader who is modest receives honor and respect. His selfless devotion to the general good is recognized, and Heaven itself seems to favor him, because all that he does accords with the movement of Fate.

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14. Great Possession

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