Month: July 2022

42. Increase

Credit | 42.Increase – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] When unseen forces come together to provide a man with the strength and capacity to achieve something great, it is essential that he use the favorable time responsibly and timely. Such opportunities are rare, and the man will have great success if he uses the occasion to […]

55. Abundance

Credit | 55.Abundance – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] To join with another who seeks to achieve the same goals through action and clear understanding can only serve to bring about success. With such combined forces, success is assured. No matter how much time they spend working together, they will both find the association stimulating and […]

43. Breakthrough

  Credit | 43.Breakthrough – YouTube The Lines Bottom.  [9] At the very beginning, when the time is auspicious for the superior man finally to overcome past difficulties, it is essential that he carefully gauge his ability to advance. A set-back at this time could be devastating, and would probably abort his entire mission. Because it […]

58. The Joyous

Credit | 58.The Joyous – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] A man experiences joy within himself and is not dependent on any external approval. He needs neither praise nor the approval of the world because his confidence rests on a heart that is honest and that honestly seeks what is right. Since his heart is open […]

57. We See Not What They Do – The Gental

Credit | 57.The Gentle – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [6] To be influential, a man must remain steady and directed towards a clearly defined goal. Indecisiondefeats his purpose, confuses those he would influence, and wastes his resources. Gentleness, which is proper, refers to the manner of one’s conduct, not to things like determination and goal orientation. […]

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