Month: May 2022

25. Innocence

Credit | 25. Innocence – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] There is a certain charm in unstudied innocence that is found in children and even in older persons who are sincerely enthusiastic about a new undertaking. At the very beginning, their approach is unspoiled by duplicity, deceit and disingenuousness. They have not yet become victims of […]

43. Breakthrough

  Credit | 43.Breakthrough – YouTube The Lines Bottom.  [9] At the very beginning, when the time is auspicious for the superior man finally to overcome past difficulties, it is essential that he carefully gauge his ability to advance. A set-back at this time could be devastating, and would probably abort his entire mission. Because it […]

64. Before Completion ~ Don’t Drink Too Much.

  Credit | 64.Before Completion – YouTube The Lines 1. [6] Rushing ahead to completion is a mistake. Even though completion is near, things must be allowed to work themselves out in their own time. Judicious caution when the end is in sight avoids a regrettable calamity. 2. [9] Patience and caution are needed as the […]

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