13. Fellowship

The Lines
Bottom. [9] From the very beginning, duties and responsibilities should be clearly understood by all. When the group enters into actual contact with the situation, there should be no doubts or misunderstandings about aims and means. Any dealings conducted behind the backs of other participants could only lead to disenchantment and failure.
2. [6] The formation of factions within the group must be eliminated by all means. If the leader has his favorites, if others are isolated from the main purpose and left free to pursue their own interests, this only encourages actions that work contrary to the group’s overall purpose. This will result in mediocre work and failure.
3. [6] If the members cannot trust one another, if factions plot against other factions behind their backs, the strength of the group is dissipated and they cannot come together to accomplish anything important. All effort is diverted into calculations of one group against another, and the great and worthy purpose of the whole group is forgotten. Those who oppose the group cannot be overcome with such divisions, and the group begins to disintegrate. In time, all the good intentions have come to naught.
4. [6] Eventually, the divisions within the group are seen as counterproductive. It is impossible to make advancement when members are at odds with one another. But happily, the futility of it all begins to be universally recognized. The group is unable to advance, but the causes are clearly seen. This is good, because faults that are recognized can provide insight into the means by which they may be corrected.
5. [9] Members of a group may be at variance with one another, but deep down, they realize that they are all on the same side. Problems arise, and they must deal with them, but they recognize that the best path for them is to settle their differences and find ways to work together. It is a hard struggle, but in the end, they are happy to be working together. Top. [6] When the fire that was present in the hearts of the members has gone, the membersfind they are still associated with one another, even if the initial attachment has grown weak. The work of the group is not finished, but all keep working towards it, realizing that it is a worthwhile thing and that all should focus on completion, even though the enthusiasm is no longer present
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13. Fellowship

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