Month: April 2022

19. Approach

Credit | 19. Approach – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] At the outset, the time is favorable for beginning worthwhile projects, and these are supported by some important people. Superior men are encouraged by this and gladly become part of the joint effort. But it is important that a person not be swept along by the […]

35. Progress

  Credit | 35.Progress – YouTube The Lines 1. [6] Even though everything is set for Rapid Progress, there is an air of uncertainty. The disinterested man is not sure that he will be accepted and trusted; others may turn him away. But he is not disturbed by this possibility. He continues on a rightful path, […]

Goodie’s I Ching – #23 Splitting Apart (Hexagram)

Credit | Goodie’s I Ching – #23 Splitting Apart (Hexagram) – YouTube Goodie’s “Unauthentic” Reading IChing – #23 Splitting Apart (Hexagram) The card illustration is drawn by illustrator AmoLime. The following is the overall description of the image. A mountain is rising high on a flat ground. The mountain is not covered with green grasses; instead, […]

32. Duration

Credit | 32.Duration – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [6] The works of man that endure do not come about quickly. Rather, they require much planning, a foundation that is constructed carefully, and a structure that is built laboriously over a long period of time. If a man wishes to build something overnight with the expectation that […]

13. Fellowship

Credit | 13.Fellowship – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] From the very beginning, duties and responsibilities should be clearly understood by all. When the group enters into actual contact with the situation, there should be no doubts or misunderstandings about aims and means. Any dealings conducted behind the backs of other participants could only lead to […]

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