Month: March 2022

11. Peace

Credit | 11. Peace – YouTube The Lines 1. [9] When a capable person sets out to accomplish things in propitious times, good helpers are attracted to the possibilities and join in gladly in the work that needs to be done. Good people want to be a part of a flourishing enterprise, and are gladly connected […]

33. Retreat

Credit | 33. Retreat – YouTube The Lines 1. [6] At first, the man is still near the enemy. This closeness makes him somewhat vulnerable. But if he remains quiet, he will in all likelihood be ignored. 2. [6] Some of the inferior forces will not be put off; they persist and demand attention. But such […]

13. Fellowship

Credit | 13. Fellowship – YouTube The Lines Bottom. [9] From the very beginning, duties and responsibilities should be clearly understood by all. When the group enters into actual contact with the situation, there should be no doubts or misunderstandings about aims and means. Any dealings conducted behind the backs of other participants could only lead […]

40. Deliverance

  Credit | The Lines Bottom. [6] The struggle with obstructions and difficulties is over. Normalcy returns, and new opportunities present themselves. The man now has time to relax and recover his equilibrium. He can make plans for progress and good fortune. 2. [9] Inferior men are still around, but their time is past. They […]

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