Month: February 2022

9. The I Ching and My Calendar.

  Image Credit | Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River – Wikidata    With Few, Against Many Source: “The I Ching and My Calendar”: — Learn more about “Clouds from the west, but no rain” — Make It A Good Day! “Gentleness is the key word here. Regarding whatever is on your mind right now, gentleness—combined with determination—is likely to generate […]

42. Increase

Credit | The Lines Bottom. [9] When unseen forces come together to provide a man with the strength and capacity to achieve something great, it is essential that he use the favorable time responsibly and timely. Such opportunities are rare, and the man will have great success if he uses the occasion to benefit […]

51. Arousing

Credit | The Lines 1. [9] Sudden Change often appears as sudden loss at first. But after this initial reaction, a man realizes that change need not mean disaster, but can lead to its very opposite and produce advancement instead. Thus, change brings the occasion for real joy. 2. [6] Sudden Change often does […]

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