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Hexagram 32

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By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram 32 is Heng, or Preserving. Further variations are Duration and Constancy. The lower trigram is Xun: ground or wind, and the upper trigram is Zhen: shake or thunder.     

B. The Judgment

   1. Duration. Success. No blame.
       Perseverance furthers.
   2. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.  

C. The Image

  1. Thunder and wind: the image of duration.
  2. Thus the superior man stands firm

      And does not change his direction.   

II. My interpretation 

A. “Constancy”

The key idea with this hexagram is staying our original goal, which is, maintaining a dogma so to speak, from start to everlasting. Staying the course will, just as an attack on a city, not mean that that municipality must for the sake of damage, misalign its original aim.
A good sign of constancy is the sun rising every day. I remember once here recently I awake at 9: pm at night and I was thinking it was about 9:00 am. I went out for the morning walk and witness people queuing to go into the night clubs. I kept thinking secretly when was the sun coming up?  Be consistent as the rising sun.
From the start, there must be some type of small steps towards the desired goal – such as with my college motto which states, one has to “Start To Finish”, but not only that, in between the start and finish clause there must consistency to the tune of maintaining one’s integrity throughout the extent of steps taken towards a favorable goal. Another example would be the movement of a football from one end zone to the other without breaking the rules of the game.
Holding on to the past as we move forward is like a court stenographer in a modern courtroom, which is no longer needed due to the modern age of video cameras from all angles. But having live feeds of all activity within a courthouse could cause somewhat of a problem, because we would be overcorrecting our true intensions.

One must maintain his or her modus operand throughout the process scaling towards their well-established outcomes. 

Update: 3-14-2020, Air out.

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Good Morning #32

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