Good Morning H-10

Hexagram 10

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by James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Treading Carefully, with this we see it is best at this time for “The Superior Man,” or one to display correct conduct, there will be some progress if one does not, intentionally or unintentionally step on the Tiger`s Tail. We must guard our speech and behavior so that any premature actions do not bring the ceiling down on all in the room. Hexagram Ten in short means not to tread on the tail of the strong, their position is just that, the place of the strong. When all puzzle pieces are correctly adjutant they are in their correctly appointed places. With respect to all, do not overreach your authority. 

   1. The Tiger`s Tail.
   2. This means that one must mind his or her manners or bad things will happen, in most cases, staying within the means, or middle way is the appropriate action at this time. The will of the people will suffice.

B. The Image

  1. Heaven above, the lake below, hence, we see that of the sky above that of a marsh. There the Tiger hides with his mighty claws waiting for the prey, you are not by nature his prey, so he ignores your scent, but you must be careful as not to step on his tail as you are now following very close to, 11 Peace. Focus on health and exercise.
      a) The image, thus the superior man discriminates between high and low, and thereby fortifies the thinking of the people. Carry Respect.
      b) Treading on the Tiger`s Tail. It does not bite the man. Success.

“When you are certain of ultimate success, it doesn’t matter even if you stomp on the tiger’s tail. The most important thing is to take action, when conditions are favorable. But great caution and consideration should be taken beforehand, so that the outcome is clear before you make your move.” ~ 10 Trending Carefully

II. My interpretation

A. The story is that of the one-eyed man who thinks he sees all, but steps on the Tiger`s Tail, because he only sees things in one way, that of a Bravo who at the moment is acting out, and we can say, his aims are good but his modus operandi is somewhat too forceful, given the current situation. If only this person would be somewhat apprehensive during these well-tuned times. 

If so, there will be good fortune for all. It is the prudent action of the people that should prevail, that mere act, will not be colluded towards any circumstance. If only the man would not jester on his own accord, but instead, act in accordance with the will of the people, let the audience vote on the answer, which will be the correct dynamics of that time

If this man is not of a quiet type and of a somewhat solitary type demeanor while occupying his correct potion, then all will not fall into place, completion is what we are after now folks. Mind you again, he is not the one the tiger is stalking, but if he steps into the wrong concerns without the consent of his people, there will be peril. Now if he does indeed watches his steps and heed the omens of time, all is well for all. There will be a crowd, you will be challenged, talking equals six, that of conflict, just do this, stay calm and proper

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Good Morning H-10

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