Some Benefits Of Qigong

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Some Benefits of Qigong

By James Byrd, MBA
For many years now, the Chinese medical therapy known as Qigong exercise has helped to alleviate both medical and physical ailments with its concept of “Life energy cultivation.” Qigong is primarily the Taoistart of self-healing. Close attention is paid to body movement and breath control synchronization.

Qi with its meaning carries the connotation of chi or breath of life, such as a baby’s first breath of life after it is cut from the umbilicus cord of its mother, which is now sustainable Qi. Now the other half gong has more to do with body movement; work, self-discipline, meditation, and relaxation exercises. To the extent that one inhales with one movement and exhales with the very next movement, this is meant to extend the full extent of the breath range to the fullest of the stretch range.

The main idea when combining the two concepts of Qi and Gong is to breathe slowly and maintain your focus on the acupuncture point Guanyin, which is located about four fingers widths, below the umbilicus or the belly button.

The whole idea with Qigong is that it helps to expand the aura to the extent that it surrounds and sustains the body without voids, hence, with this, we want a healthy etheric double with no damage. Again we are talking about increasing the impact of your personal life force, Qi, or in short, giving or increasing the body’s ability to heal and repair its self, via increasing life force. A large number of people can feel that profound presence whenever you might pass them in the general public. It helps to share.

As for myself, I try at best to do an early qigong session every morning while my green tea bag is now soaking in hot water, I’ll say that takes about 5-10 minutes. I usually do an abbreviated version of the “Eight Section Brocade,” and then I am all set for the day, that’s just about every morning. If anything, the qigong movements start the blood to circulate to the head making one feel a little light-headed. That why one should do a standing meditation for about one minute or less, depending on how you personally feel at the moment after each movement, and it gives one a chance to also focus on the next movement. 

All that is well, given the fact that the brain needs more oxygen during early starts when rising and preparing one’s daily activities. Without a doubt, it is a very good method to alleviate stagnation within the meridian system of the body. In some cases, it helps with some parts of sexual dysfunction, but overall it gives the brain a major boost if practiced during early rising. Thanks for reading and have a good day. 

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Some Benefits Of Qigong

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