The Kindle – Amazon E-book Reader

By: Paul Rodgers

The battle of the giants, Sony eBook Reader and Amazon Kindle is fierce. The Kindle reader is now available from Amazon. Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary portable reader that wirelessly downloads books, newspapers, magazines and blogs to a crisp, high-resolution electronic paper display that looks and reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight. But overall the most important development in the Kindle reader is that it is going to break the stereotype that eBooks are not usable and convenient like normal books. Actually, Amazon’s Kindle reader is an excellent product and a person can simply order books directly through the device without integrating with a PC or other wireless device – the Kindle has its own wireless connection that operates in the background.

Kindle’s mission statement is to eliminate the need for hard copy documents, by providing you with a all-in-one reference source. Kindle is the first ebook reader with its own cellular wireless connection to let you get new books anytime, almost anywhere when the mood strikes. Kindle has a standard-layout keyboard that makes it possible for users to search the Kindle Store, their entire library of purchased content, and Wikipedia. Kindle simply plays MP3 files in random order as background music without any user control over the order of play. Kindle holds over 200 titles and Kindle does not use WiFi, but EVDO like cell phones. Kindle has no monthly wireless bills, service plans, or commitments.

Amazon pays for Kindle’s wireless connectivity so you will never see a monthly wireless bill for shopping the Kindle Store. Using the same 3G network as advanced cell phones, we deliver your content using our own wireless delivery system, Amazon Whispernet. Amazon has complied with Linux licensing by making its modified source code freely available. But whether you choose to jump aboard now or later, Amazon’s entry into the eBook market is a BIG deal — it forever changes the game.

The same Amazon shopping experience customers are accustomed to is offered in the Kindle Store, including customer reviews, personalized recommendations, Click purchasing, and everyday low prices. The email service supports several formats of open-source books as well as Microsoft Word but not PDFs and text-based, but not image-based PDFs.

1- Amazon has actually out-Appled Apple in ease-of-use. Like the iPhone, Kindle lets you buy media-books and periodicals, in this case – without your PC.

2- Amazon’s $9.99-and-under book pricing means book fans can buy more books. They can look up words in a dictionary, Wikipedia or on the Web right from the device.

3- Amazon already sells books. The company long ago figured out the complexities of online book distribution and most book buyers already trust Amazon.

In many ways, the Amazon Kindle is the ultimate ebook reader, but to see just how far that statement holds true, you will just have to try it for yourself. Recommendation: If you typically carry a large stack of books with you or travel semi-regularly, the Amazon Kindle is a no-brainer. The Amazon kindle is definitely a fantastic selection and can definitely be upgraded.
The Amazon Kindle
is the first ebook reader that I have truly loved. The Kindle is a game-changing revolution in buying, reading, managing and using electronic books and other content. It’s also the hottest holiday gift you can buy this year for anyone who loves to read.

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The Kindle – Amazon E-book Reader

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