Kindle International – Getting Hold of the Top Selling eBook Reader Around the World

By []Roddy Gulzar

The Kindle International is the latest offering from Amazon – an eBook reading device that works all around the world! The Kindle itself has been out for a while now, alongside its larger Kindle DX version, but it’s left people wondering ‘when will there be a Kindle UK?’, ‘what about a Kindle Canada?’ and just how long they have to wait to get their hands on the hottest gadget around.

The Wait is Over

The good news for customers around the world is that the wait is over! Kindle (and now Kindle DX) is officially available in more than 100 countries around the world! Not only does this mean that the Kindle ships to you, but it also means that you have access to the wireless download service, Kindle’s very own bookstore stocking all the titles you could ever need!

Kindle International is Great for Those Who Travel

Not only is the Kindle International perfect for people who live outside of the United Stated, it’s also perfect for those in the US who frequently travel and may need to stock up on their Kindle books while they are away. Amazon’s Kindle really is taking the international market by storm!

Where to Buy Kindle International?

The thing that’s important for international customers to realise is that you still need to buy Kindle from it has not yet been released on local versions of the online retailer. This just means that you need to make your purchase from version of the site, pay your shipping free and the Kindle will ship to you within the estimated delivery time.

Remember, rel=nofollow Kindle International is available to customers from: the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong and more. For best results, check reviews to find out just how the Kindle is going to work in your country.

Why Buy Kindle?

Lastly, unless you haven’t heard just why Kindle is such a hot item these days, take a look at some of these features:

o Ability to read PDF files and Amazon’s own Kindle format,

o Ships to 100+countries,

o Lighter than your average book,

o Store over 3,000 digital books,

o Easy to use,

o Ink-link display makes it easy on the eyes,

o And much more!

Kindle has been the biggest seller for months now, and now you can get your hands on one no matter where you live!

Kindle is the hottest selling gadget without a doubt, and if you want my review of the new International Version just check it out here:

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Kindle International – Getting Hold of the Top Selling eBook Reader Around the World

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