Day: July 24, 2010

A Guide on Writing a Credit Repair Letter

By []Suzy Vanstrusen Checking our credit report at least twice a year should be a habit. However, not all of us are aware of what to do after finding errors and inaccuracies on our reports. To whom should we address the letter? To help you with this, below are tips on what to do after […]

Small Business Interview – Patriot Express Loans to Veteran-Owned Businesses – Are They Working?

By []Sue B. Malone Editor’s note. This is an excerpt from an interview with an SBA small business loan provider, relating to the program known as U.S. Patriot Express. This program is for business loans available to veteran-owned ventures (active duty service members, veterans, and their widows and spouses), whether start-ups or existing businesses. The […]

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